Mr. Fluffy - The Puppy Dog, his Adventures....and our Mission


Kids understand mobile technology with ease.  At young ages.  Glide Games & Media was started with the goal to teach kids common sense, street smarts plus encourage learning in a fun way!

All of our games contain fun education based values, which include reading, word search, vocabulary and math, yet go beyond that to immerse kids in real world situations. We feel games should teach kids about life and the world through a unique way of interaction.  Understanding how to ride the train or hail a cab is so simple and just a fun approach to engaging kids in fun educational destinations.  Above all we want to make kids smile and laugh in the process.

We know that parents must like our games as much as kids do! We want parents to know their children are safe while playing Mr. Fluffy Adventure Games, and spending their time in a positive way.   All of our games do not contain In Application purchase or any third-party advertising. 

Our Adventures



Take a cab on an exciting math adventure.


Use an elevator to reach puzzles on every floor.


Ride the subway to fun and educational word games.

Simple Fun! 



Play interesting games and learn along the way.



Join Mr. Fluffy to play on fun and creative adventures.

The Kids

We believe in creating high quality games for kids free of advertisements and in app purchases.  

I couldn't be happier with the care that Mr. Whiskers received. He's doing much better now, thanks. Highly recommended.

Tim Kropp treated my precious little Fluffy with all the care and attention you could ever ask for!