Join Fluffy and Gem on their first amazing adventure together!

July 15 2014 - Fluffy and Gem are two adorable, inquisitive puppy dogs who love helping kids build common sense, street smarts all while having fun learning.Along with building their Math and English confidence, kids will be able to join Fluffy and Gem on fun and exciting adventures.

With these adventures kids will learn how to ride a train, a bus, hail a cab, visit a restaurant having fun all the while learning and understanding these grown up ideas. Fluffy and Gem Subway Word Search and Hunt Adventure, or Subway for short, is the first adventure in the series.

Subway will soon be followed by:
• Fluffy and Gem Taxi Math Puzzle and Numbers Adventure
• Fluffy and Gem Restaurant Cooking and Kitchen Adventure
• Fluffy and Gem Bus Exploring Adventure

Subway is an educational word search game that takes a child through the experience of traveling on the subway train and allows them to choose their own destinations! The young players get to choose whether to play as Fluffy or Gem before they play - Fluffy is a boy puppy and Gem is a girl puppy and they can play as either. The game has five different progressive word discovery levels and multiple game play scenes. 

When they start the game, Fluffy or Gem can enter the toy store where they can spend coins that are earned as rewards in game play. At the start of the game, Mr Fluffy and Gem only have enough coins to ride the subway so they need to earn more to buy toys as the game progresses. Please note that the coins are an in-game concept and does not involve any real money, in-app purchasing or 3rd party website links. Fluffy or Gem has to go to their first destination to earn coins. They earn them by searching for and finding words in the word hunt scenes.

There are different categories of words including, contractions, nouns, verbs, two syllables and three syllables. As you earn points new words are chosen, and progressively it becomes more difficult to answer the sentence bonus at each scene. The best part is no word hunt scene is the same!Once Fluffy and Gem have found all the words, they can go straight back to the toy store to buy toys for their collection. They can also travel to other destinations to earn more points and unlock other scenes. 

Join Fluffy and Gem on their Word Search and Hunt Subway Adventure and watch the children players learn more about words and numbers as they travel through the city!

Fluffy and Gem’s Word Search and Hunt Subway Adventure is available from the Apple iTunesStore for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Also available on Google Play, and for KindleNotes to EditorsThe Fluffy and Gem series of games was created by Glide Games & Media.

​For more information contact tim@glidegames.com